Choices We Make

Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether the activity is a good fit, that is to say compatible with your interests and abilities.

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How is it that there are people in the Napa Valley

who don't have enough to eat?

Take a look at this 3 minute video to learn more.


The Napa Food Project is CanDo's newest and very exciting effort to help our neighbors thrive. This time we're building community and sharing food. It's not enough to donate food during Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. Hunger never takes a holiday. So the Napa Food Project is not a food drive; it's a food donor drive. Since our inception in 2016, CanDo's volunteers have more than doubled non-perishable food donations to the Napa Food Bank.

You want to help...we make it easy.

The same spring we started CanDo, friends to the north initiated the Ashland (OR) Food Project. As we have grown, they have grown, too, and we've watched with amazement. Their immensely successful door-to-door food collection program now operates in more than 50 other communities in the U.S.

CanDo's Food Project has three goals:


1.  To provide a regular supply of food to hungry neighbors;

2.  To create new neighborhood connections and strengthen the community;
3.  To serve as a model for other communities.


Here's what you'll do as a Neighborhood Coordinator


1.  Organize a small group of neighbors to be Food Donors.
2.  Every two months pick up their full bag, leave them an empty one.
3.  Bring all the bags you collect to a drop-off point where food bank representatives receive and sort it.

4.  Send out reminders to your Donors during the two months, so they don't forget the pickup date.


Here's what you'll do as a Food Donor

1.  Each week, you buy just one extra non-perishable food item when you go shopping.
2.  You store it in the nifty reusable green bag that we provide for you.
3.  On the second Saturday of every other month, you'll receive an email reminder  to leave your bag outside your front door. A friendly neighbor called a Neighborhood Coordinator will pick up the bag and drop off an empty one. They'll your donation to the Food Bank. It's that simple!

To get a better sense of how it works, take a look at this 3 minute videoThen, if you'd like to participate as a Food Donor or Neighborhood Coordinator, simply This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .