Napa Valley has a CanDo attitude.

Napa Valley CanDo believes in the power of many small actions to make a really big difference. We connect, inspire and empower Napa Valley residents like you by making it easy to stay informed and work together to create a strong, caring, inclusive community.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead

You can volunteer for one of our dynamic projects, even for just an hour or two, or help one of the many local organizations we support. Each individual action connects to others. Together, we‘re making our Valley and world better.

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This week’s featured Give! Guide category is Education. This is Part 2 of our education nonprofits, you can find Part 1 by clicking on our page. You can find these organizations through or by clicking the link in our bio. Read below to learn more about this week’s education based nonprofits and why you should donate to them!
They ensure no one is denied an education due to lack of financial resources, by raising funds to fill the gap when state funds aren’t enough to meet student needs or assist in tuition costs.
NVEF provides funding and support for essential public school programs and services. Their Wellness initiatives ensure that thousands of students receive access to mental health services at their school sites.They also provide a music connection program and career readiness opportunities.
They provide free education, mentorship, and professional development training to all of Napa Valley’s farmworkers. While giving adult literacy classes, financial literacy workshops, sustainable farming practices, and much more-ensuring farmworkers and their families have gained more opportunity for personal and professional growth.
They provide young musicians from diverse backgrounds with exciting opportunities for personal and artistic growth, through inspiring rehearsals and performances in a professional environment, while also enhancing the community educationally and artistically.
They serve the community with year-round early childhood education and parent programs. Through scholarships, they support 3-4 year olds in attending preschools. Their commitment extends to empowering parents as partners in their children's education through dedicated programs.
As Northern Bay’s sole classroom supply store, they provide free essentials to public school students in Napa County, easing the financial strain on teachers. By offering basic supplies, they promote an equal learning environment that enhances students self-esteem

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