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Napa Valley CanDo brings together people from all over the Napa Valley who want to help our communities thrive through volunteerism and community action.  

Choices We Make

Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether the activity is a good fit, that is to say compatible with your interests and abilities.



CanDo's 2015 Napa Valley Give!Guide 

You Make a Choice. You Make a Difference.

Give!Guide Makes it Easy.


CanDo's  Give!Guide is a perfect fit for this holiday season. It seeks to inspire a community of givers. So whether you’re a young or first time donor, or someone of any age who may not yet see yourself as being in a position to give, Napa Valley CanDo's Give!Guide is for you.

THE GIVE!GUIDE'S GOALS ARE SIMPLE:  1) To raise awareness and funds to support the exceptional work of a select group of small, medium and large local nonprofits serving Napa County, 2) to encourage collaboration among these amazing nonprofits, and 3) to cultivate a culture of giving.

2013, year one, the Give!Guide raised $106,000 for Napa County nonprofits. In 2014, donations grew to an astonishing $235,000.


      ~  The November edition of Marketplace Magazine featured a bright orange

           pull-out catalog, your personal copy of the Give!Guide. Haven't received  

           your copy?  Click here to view our digital edition.

      ~  Need more copies for a classroom or social group? Email CanDo at

             This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 707.252.7743.

      ~  November 1 - November 31, 2015, the Give!Guide website is live.

              NapaValleyGiveGuide.org features brief profiles of each nonprofit

          with links to learn more about them. Donations begin at $10.  

          A real-time ticker on the Give!Guide website helps everyone keep track

          of how each nonprofit is doing, moment by moment. 

      ~  Donate to one or multiple NPOs. You may vary the amount you give to

          each. When you're ready to give on-line, there's a single charge to your

          credit card. If you prefer, you may donate with a check using the tear-out

          sheet in the catalog. All donations are tax deductible.

      ~  With the exception of usual credit card fees, every penny goes to the

          nonprofits you've selected. Napa Valley CanDo takes no fee.


Together with the Give!Guide, we CanDo so much.

  Welcome to Napa Valley CanDo
A vibrant grassroots community service organization!
Napa Valley CanDo brings together people from all over the Napa Valley who want to help our communities thrive through volunteerism and community action. We're strong, creative, and growing quickly! We have no dues and no required service hours. We don't even meet on a regular basis as a whole.
What do we do? We feature "done-in-a-day" and family-friendly volunteer opportunities. Some of these come at the request of local nonprofits seeking volunteers. Others are generated out of the creative interests of our members. We also spotlight exciting community events.
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Free and open to the public.

Wednesday, November 4

5:30 - 7:30 PM

NV College - Paul Ash Lobby

Performing Arts Building

Stay tuned for further details.


postheadericon Current Projects



Increasing charitable donations to local nonprofits



Phasing out single use plastic bags countywide



Cleaning-up our rivers and creeks



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