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Napa Valley CanDo brings together people from all over the Napa Valley who want to help our communities thrive through volunteerism and community action.  

Choices We Make

Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether the activity is a good fit, that is to say compatible with your interests and abilities.

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Napa Valley CanDo
A vibrant grassroots community service organization!
Napa Valley CanDo brings together people from all over the Napa Valley who want to help our communities thrive through volunteerism and community action. We're strong, creative, and growing quickly! We have no dues and no required service hours. We don't even meet on a regular basis as a whole.
What do we do? We feature "done-in-a-day" and family-friendly volunteer opportunities. Some of these come at the request of local nonprofits seeking volunteers. Others are based on CanDo's own projects which grow out of the interests of our members as we identify unmet community needs. We also spotlight exciting community events.

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Final Total:






Extroardinary local nonprofits, generous donors,

supportive businesses all over the county and

ace CanDo volunteers made it so.


Thank you.



Monday, January 18




"Life's most persistent and urgent question is,

'What are you doing for others?'"

 Martin Luther King, Jr. 


On Monday, January 18, more than two dozen faith-based, civic,

and nonprofit organizations came together to bring life to

the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

There were opportunities for action and compassion throughout Napa. 


CanDo members and neighbors from across Napa participated in 15 famiy-friendly service projects, indoors and out:  Preparing packages for soldiers; making Valentines for those who may be alone; learning more about recycling; building birdhouses; clearing invasive plants; singing to seniors. And those were just a few of the day's offerings to help participants act out of compassion for the sake of others.


We were pleased as punch to have nearly 60 volunteers choose to spruce up Napa in a cleanup organized by CanDo, CVNL, and the City of Napa Public Works Department. 


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All tours are family-friendly.

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Napa Recycling Facility

(Where do all those items in your disposal bins end up?)

Tuesday, February 16

10:00 - 11:00 AM


Soscol Water Recycling Facility

(What happens to water once it goes down the drain?)

Tuesday, March 15

11:00 AM - Noon


Edward Barwick Water

Treatment Plant

(How Delta water

becomes drinking water.)

Thursday, March 24

10:00 - 11:30 AM


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Increasing charitable donations to local nonprofits



Phasing out single use plastic bags countywide



Cleaning-up our rivers and creeks



Growing fresh produce

for distribution

through local Food Banks