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Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether the activity is a good fit, that is to say compatible with your interests and abilities.

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CanDo volunteers created the Give!Guide in Napa County to raise funds and awareness for local nonprofits. 


In seven editions to date, we've helped raise over 2.3 million dollars for remarkable organizations with donations
beginning at $10.
The challenges of the pandemic have affected us all and nonprofits have been stretched to bursting. 
Your support this year will be particularly valued.
By the way, CanDo takes no fee for orchestrating this project. 
It's our gift to the communities of the Valley
and our privilege to do so.
Help us help one another thrive.
 Napa Valley CanDo
A vibrant grassroots community service organization!

Napa Valley CanDo connects, inspires and empowers neighbors to take positive action in order to help our community thrive. We're strong, creative, all-volunteer and growing quickly. Through our weekly email newsletter, The CanDo Connection, we feature "done-in-a-day" and family-friendly volunteer opportunities. So many of you want to help; we figure it's our job to make it easy.

Some of these come at the request of local nonprofits seeking volunteers. Others are based on CanDo's own projects which grow out of the interests of our members as we identify unmet community needs. We also spotlight exciting community events. We have no dues and no required service hours.

Click here to see and sign-up for CanDo's weekly The CanDo Connection.


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(YES, Virginia. There will be a December 12 (non) green bag pick-up!)


Our community is strong and caring. We knew that already, but there’s further evidence in the more than $22,000 dollars our members have donated to CANV's Napa Valley Food Bank during the pandemic. That’s in lieu of the green bags the Food Bank has been unable to accept due to COVID-19 protocols. 


But on December 12, the volunteer Neighborhood Coordinators of CanDo’s Napa Valley Food Project will once again be driving their neighborhoods to pick up non-perishable foods for distribution to the thousands in need throughout the county. Learn more about how the project works here.


Once again, we are grateful to see the CanDo community answer the call. Anyone interested in fighting local food insecurity with a cash donation may send a check payable to the Napa Valley Food Bank, 1766 Industrial Way, Napa, CA 94558.  Please write CanDo on the memo line.


Sharing food. Building community.



2020 CanDo Spirit Award Winner


Kristin Anderson
Napa Valley Education Foundation

The CanDo Spirit is alive and well in Napa County, even – or perhaps especially – in 2020.


It’s that spirit that inspires Kristin Anderson of the Napa Valley Education Foundation (NVEF), this year’s CanDo Spirit Award recipient. Even a global pandemic, two major fires, suspension of in-person teaching, and a major economic downturn could not quell that spirit.


“I can be fearless in trying new things and seeing what sticks. I think, this year especially, our programs are no longer operating the same way. We have had to change structures and policies that have been in place for decades. Our organization’s success is directly linked to how we respond to these obstacles and I am not afraid to try something new,” says Anderson. “I am not afraid to make mistakes and admit that something didn’t or isn’t working. Our organizations need to be fearless and compassionate with our coworkers, our partners and our community.”


Says Jennifer Stewart, NVEF Executive Director, “Kristin is the heart of our organization … [she] has helped NVEF grow the Music Connection, started a scholarship program, and expanded donations to provide nearly 900 instruments. Kristin always looks for new ways to engage and expand our mission.” She has created camps, clinics, virtual events and much more in partnership with teachers, all focused on providing great enrichment activities for students.”


Kristin’s needs drive her. “I NEED to feel as though I am fighting to be a positive force in my community, and I NEED to be allowed to flex my creative muscles.”


Our community is glad she does.


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CanDo Suggests a Few Ways to Help

During COVID-19



Maintain physical distancing but stay socially connected.

Shelter-at-home as much as possible.

Wash hands frequently.

If you need to leave home, wear a face cover.

Check in on friends.

Seek out the small pleasures,

“sun breaks,” that brighten your day.



 COVID VOC header with thank yous

During this COVID-19 crisis, Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD) and Napa Valley CanDo have created a way for Napa County residents to stand up and say, “I want to help.” It’s Volunteers on Call.

With the situation changing so rapidly, we need to be ready to respond with dispatch. With your help, we can.

Complete this simple form to be listed. Your contact information will NEVER be shared with third parties. Instead, we’ll reach out as needs arise. You always have the option to opt out if an opportunity doesn’t feel like the right fit.


Please share the VOC link with others.

Spread the word – not the virus!



Let's do all we CanDo to take care of one another.



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postheadericon Current Projects



Increasing charitable donations to local nonprofits



Building Community and Sharing Food



Growing fresh produce

for distribution

through local Food Banks


Cleaning-up our river and creeks