In a world that so often seems filled only with things going wrong, CanDo helps me realize that I truly have the power to put some things right.

— Maria G. – CanDo member

Following the 2008 presidential election, Hilary Zunin* and Grania Lindberg* met with a small group of Napans dedicated to furthering positive change and created an all-volunteer, grassroots community service group. The goal? To connect, inspire, and empower neighbors by making it easy to take positive action as volunteers and to learn about our community. Napa Valley CanDo is that organization.

We’re an issue-oriented group, not a partisan one. Community service and advocacy are not the domain of Republicans or Democrats or Independents. To our way of thinking, it’s the job of each of us to see what we CanDo to enrich our community, bit by bit.

All of CanDo’s efforts are designed to strengthen and enhance the lives of Napa Valley residents. At our heart, CanDo is about neighbors helping neighbors.

So does it all unfold? We call our Board the CORE. It’s from the French word “coeur”, meaning heart. This small group gathers monthly to see what’s what and to keep things cooking. All are volunteers. It’s amazing to see what we CanDo when we work together.

Our weekly e-Newsletter, the CanDo Connection, shows our members how to take action in ways large and small. It highlights done-in-a-day projects and events we think might pique your interest. It’s a balance of community news, playful pieces, and volunteer opportunities. It includes essential information and links to sign up.

We call for volunteers at the request of area nonprofits and create our own projects when we recognize an unmet community need. Projects are selected based on members’ creative energies and interests. Read more about our projects below.

None of this happens without you. It’s your energy, your dedication to a stronger community, and your willingness to say “Yes!” that keeps us growing.

*HILARY ZUNIN – FOUNDER. Striving to create a balanced life, I nurture my inner world while helping to build community. CanDo has been a consummate teacher. It’s been a journey graced with wonder, challenges and love. Turns as a skydiving instructor, wine PR executive, author/lecturer on grief and loss, and a passionate high school teacher. Small things bring joy: birds, long cups of tea, balancing rocks, and saying “Yes! Note: Our beloved Hilary died on Jan. 14, 2021. Her favorite quote “We cannot live by ourselves alone. Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads.”
– Herman Melville

*GRANIA LINDBERG. FOUNDER. Climbing trees, biking, camping with Scouts as a kid near the southern CA beach instilled a love for the outdoors and nature that I pursue in a more leisurely way now in my 80’s. This has led me to be a fierce proponent of conservation, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and caring for our planet. Three winters living aboard our sailboat in Mexico, walking the streets of old town, a cup of hot chocolate in our backyard oasis – these are the joys of my life. Note: Grania retired from the CanDo Board in April of 2021. She continues to share her wisdom and ideas to CanDo.
You want to help. We make it easy.™

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