Choices We Make

Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether the activity is a good fit, that is to say compatible with your interests and abilities.

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Napa Valley CanDo's Give!Guide:
 Inspiring a Community of Givers

The Give!Guide is a dynamic project of Napa Valley CanDo. It supports local nonprofit organizations by raising funds and awareness, fostering collaboration, and cultivating an ever larger community of givers. Over 100 nonprofits have been its beneficiaries. 

There are three parts:  a catalog that features selected NPOs, a coordinated user-friendly website to accept and track donations, and a year-end PR campaign mounted by CanDo and each of the selected NPOs to inspire donations between November 1st and December 31st.

Donations are made via the website or by check and begin at $10. In sixyears, we have now raised more than 2.3 million dollars for local nonprofit organizations doing important work. Want to be involved? This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


November 1 - December 31 click the logo below to start.

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